Real Plus whitening and freckle-removing cream adopts multiple kinds of herbal extracts, containing lots of natural plant whitening extracts, which can gradually reduce pigmentation, and create skin deep whitening and perfect repairing.

1. Reduce and prevent melanin precipitation
2. Remove age spots, melasma and freckles
3. Deep whitening and repair skin
4.Promote skin tender smooth, firming and radiant.

Main Ingredients:
Boerhavia diffusa root extract,  VC ethyl ether

Apply on clean and dry skin, especially on the surface of acne; massage 1-2 minutes until it is completely absorbed; use twice a day, morning and evening.)

 1. Avoid long time sunlight after using
2. The product should be kept away from children, avoiding eating.
3. Any discomfort or sustained redness causing, please stop using and consult doctor.
4. Children and people with injured or inflamed skin may not use the product.
5. For sensitive skin, please firstly take a small amount of the product for allergy test.

Storage: In cool, dry and shady place, keep flat.

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